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Commercial Services

How quickly are interior crack repairs completed once you are on-site?

Typically one crack repair, if it is exposed and accessible, will take 2 hours to complete. If there are two cracks it will usually take 3 hours to complete them both.

How quickly can a repair be scheduled?

Time of year, severity of the situation and client’s urgency are all factors that dictate repair scheduling. With direct access, quick diagnosis and work approval, a foundation crack can be repaired within days of the initial request.

How soon after the repair can the drywall be completed?

Drywall can be installed once the repair is completely dry which is usually 24 hours after completion.

Will you communicate directly with the tenant?

Yes, we are happy to deal directly with the tenant to arrange estimate and repair appointments. Billing can also be arranged directly with the tenants, landlord or Property Management firm as requested.