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Todd reminds homeowners of his process to a waterproofing mentality.


The process starts with making sure that the water stays outside, and usually starts out first thing with your sump pump. Your sump's job is to drain water outside from the sump pit in your basement, but there are more ways to keep your home dry in the first place.


We're all about the eaves! Make sure they're cleared out and that water can flow unimpeded into your downspouts. Then, you can also add downspout extensions to push your water out even further; the goal is to keep it away from the perimiter of your house.

It's not always a one-home game, either! Often your property's waterproofing will be affected by your neighbours' properties as well. Check with them to make sure that your surface runoff is going somewhere that works for all of you.


The real key, however, according to Todd, is to "be aware of where the water runs when it's raining."


"What does that mean? Yeah, you have to go outside when it's raining with an umbrella to walk around the perimeter of your house because a lot of times it's two or three subtle things that add up to a problem [...] it's hard to visualize those little subtleties unless you actually witness them."



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